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Fàbrica de Licors La Manresana, s.l. produces over 150 different types of liquor that exceed the 300 references. Our product range goes from the most traditional drinks such as Brandys or Rums, which need some time aging in oak casks to develop their characteristic aromas and flavors, to more current and modern spirits, created to meet the demands of new markets, such as milkshakes, fruit liqueurs and cocktails..

In the manufacturing process of all products, the company has implemented a series of strict internal regulations ranging from the analysis of all raw materials, always selecting the best quality, through checks of colors, textures and flavors during the intermediate phases of the manufacturing process, up to the extensive analyzes conducted on final products.

All these processes are performed and recorded by the chemical staff of our laboratory for analysis, research and development.

An important part in the task of quality control remains in the hands of our technical team in equipment, which are responsible for the proper use of equipment such as homogenizers used to ensure perfect stability in products that include dairy products, such as milkshakes and creams.

All this, without forgetting one of the most important raw materials, water that is treated in purification process, declorine and decalcification, using specialized equipment and filters, to ensure the highest levels of purity of water.

All this effort is made to bring consumers the best quality in all our products: that is how we have to thank the trust they placed in FALIMA.
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