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Fàbrica de Licors La Manresana, s.l., known by its initials, FALIMA, was founded in 1960 in Manresa, by the bros. Santaularia and the bros. Vilaseca. Over the years, Pere and Àngel Vilaseca remained as the only shareholders of the company, one taking charge of the management and administration, and the other of the production.

Although they started with few resources, based on constancy and good work, the company grew. During the sixties, seventies and eighties they absorb little liquor factories, with such iconic names as Destil·leries Palomas (Manresa), Destil·leries Noguera (Sallent), Carreras-Carrió (Manresa), Estrada (Cornellà de Llobregat), Peñataro (Terrassa), or Selga-Torres (Manresa), till the last acquisition in 1999: Xarops La Palmera (Manresa).

This has contributed to FALIMA depth knowledge of different manufacturing methods, and expanding its sales network throughout Catalonia.

This controlled growth gives FALIMA the business and human resources necessary to meet the continuous changes in market, and beeing able to face the challenges of expanding into new markets in Spain and worldwide.

Thanks to the staff trained and specialized in their tasks (chemical, technical, commercial, administrative, delivery, etc), a wide range of products with over 300 references, and the complicity and cooperation with customers, the company has grown to the point that the need for space led us to inaugurate the new FALIMA dependencies in 2000 at St. Joan de Vilatorrada (neighboring town of Manresa), which combines the modern facilities with the tradition and know-how, the result of over 50 years of history and experience.
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