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Pla dels Vinyats, nau 2 - St. Joan de Vilatorrada
Tel. (+34) 938 728 456
Sangria Guitarra
Grand Cafe
Aigua De La Llum
Schnapps Strawberry
Nut Pina
Jarabe Grosella
Vanilla Illusion
Parfait Amour
Whisky Peach
Crema Cafe
Gin Seca
Fábrica de Licores La Manresana, S.L. produces over 150 different types of spirits, which are presented in more than 300 references. Our product range goes from the more traditional drinks, such as the Brandys or Rums, which need some time aging in oak casks to develop their characteristic aromas and flavors, to more current and modern spirits, created to meet the demands of new markets, such as milkshakes, fruit liqueurs and cocktails.

If desired, you can download a leaflet in PDF (1,4 Mb) with all our products, by clicking here.
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